The Alkaline pH Miracle Diet Can Solve Many Serious Adverse Health Challenges

You are probably thinking to yourself—what is the alkaline diet? Is this diet something new or is it still being researched?

Guess no more.

The alkaline diet has been around in the health and medical field for a over 3 decades when introduced by Robert O Young PhD in the 80's.

This type of lifestyle and diet is used to treat many cancers in order to reverse the diagnoses, put it into remission, and to help people become cancer free.

Another name for it is called “acid – ash diet.” According to the Dr. Edward Group, the alkaline lifestyle and diet, “promotes foods alleged to influence acid – base homeostasis in the body.” Some food examples are whole, raw, organic fruit and vegetables.

According to the Dr. Edward Group, Dr. Edward states, “the proponents of the alkaline pH Miracle diet claim that eating certain foods influences the body’s acid – base homeostasis, or pH levels.”

The alkaline pH Miracle diet encourages dieters to eat healthier to produce a desirable outcome for one’s overall health.

Dieters who are on the alkaline pH Miracle diet have claimed, “an alkaline environment within the body helps weight loss efforts, increases energy, and can boost the immune system.”

Before anyone can start an alkaline pH Miracle diet, you should first do some research on the topic. I would suggest reading The pH Miracle, The pH Miracle revised and updated, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, The pH Miracle for Diabetes, The pH Miracle for Cancer and The pH Miracle for Heart. You can find these books and many others by Dr. Young at:

The Dr. Edward Group mentions to fully understand how the alkaline pH Miracle diet works and in order to do so you should educate yourself about your body’s pH levels and what pH means as the basic fundamental idea behind the diet.

How does the pH scale work?

Dr. Edward’s Group explains that, “The pH scale runs from 0 (acidic) to 14 (basic or alkaline); 7 is neutral.” Examples on the pH scale is pure water, which has a pH of 7.

Sulphuric acid has a pH of almost 0, and is both extremely acidic highly corrosive.

“Lye has a pH of nearly 14 … [and is] is also highly corrosive,” because it is extremely alkaline.” It is very important to understand the necessity of maintaining a pH level in your body.

The Dr. Edward Group states important facts such as: “The human body needs to maintain a pH in a narrow range between 7.365 to function properly. This pH provides the ideal working environment for the body’s fluids and tissues.

“Blood is mostly neutral – a characteristic that enables it to transport various substances around the body without affecting or reacting to them.” Dr. Edward goes on to say, “The wrong pH in a given system or organ can seriously affect your health.”

Some concerning symptoms include, confusion, lightheadedness, twitching and spasming muscles, seizure, tingling in the extremities and face, and respiratory distress. The opposite of alkaline is acidosis.

According to Dr. Edward Group, “acidosis is characterized by a high acid load in the bodies fluids.” Dr. Edward mentions different types of acidosis including, metabolic, respiratory, lactic, and renal (kidneys) acidosis.

Some symptoms from these types of acidosis include confusion, fatigue, shortness of breath, and lethargy.

It is interesting to learn which foods we are eating that cause alkalinity or acidic effect on our bodies. Ten alkalizing foods are garlic, mustard greens, avocado, broccoli, Kale, almonds, pumpkin seeds, wheat grass and tomatoes.

Likewise, ten acidic forming foods are lard, peanut butter, cranberries, white pasta and bread, beef, corn oil, pork, potatoes, beer and hard liquor and butter.”

In conclusion, Dr. Edward reiterates that the alkaline pH Miracle diet, “promotes eating mostly organic plant – based foods high in sodium, potassium, selenium, iron, and zinc; all of which support gut health and the immune system.”

If you are considering in trying a healthy diet, try the alkaline pH Miracle lifestyle and diet first. You will learn, grow and benefit from this diet, and you will even lose a few excess pounds while on it.

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