Today I Had a Health Consultation with Mr Snowman

Today I met Mr. Snowman. He is a wonderful snoul. He asked me, "Dr. Young how can I live forever? I want to live past spring, summer and fall. Every year when the sun comes out and the temperature rises, I melt into the Earth never to be seen again.

My life is too short. My snoul is crying and my body is dying and I want to live past the winter snow. What can I do, Dr. Young so that I might live forever?"

I said wisely to Mr. Snowman, "You can live forever! YOU simply must move to an environment where the temperatures are always cold. Then, regardless if the sun comes out YOU will live forever protected by your perfect environment."

You see Mr. Snowman, you are only has healthy and will only live as long as the environment in which YOU live is perfect. And that perfect environment is zero degrees celsius.

Remember Mr. Snowman this metaphor, "A fish is only as healthy as the water it swims in! And, if the fish is sick or dying you DO NOT treat the fish YOU change the water - the environment!"

Mr. Snowman's snoul sang with joy and was so happy to hear the good NEWS, that HE was in control of his health, wellness and HIS longevity!

Today Mr. Snowman thanked Dr. Young because HE learned the secret of eternal life - that you are only as healthy as the environment in which you live!

Learn more about Mr. Snowman's journey has he follows a perfect storm to eternal life. or or

Dr. Young taking a snow bath!

Update pictures of Mr. Snowman who took my recommendations and started the pH Miracle lifestyle protocol. Check out the before and after pictures!

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