Officially Announcing The Cure for Cancer!

The Cure for Cancer!

The following article was just released on using sodium bicarbonate for curing cancer validating my work, research, findings and publications for now over 35 years!


The article is titled, "Oncologists Won't Prescribe You Baking Soda Because It Cures Cancer!"

To read and share this article just click on the following link:

Wishing you ALL a Happy New Year 2019 - The YEAR that the CURE for ALL cancers will finally be revealed on March 18th, 2019, at the 14th Annual Oncology and Cancer Conference in London, England! This will be a GREAT DAY for the WORLD!

Please join Prof/Dr. Robert O Young in London, England on March 18th and 19th, 2019 when he will officially announce the science (pathology) of cancer and its prevention and noninvasive therapy at any staging.

To request more information on attending the 14th Global Summit on Oncology and Cancer please email:
To learn more on the pathology of cancer and its prevention and therapy read, The pH Miracle for Cancer! and my published work in conjunction with Dr. Galina Migalko MD, in 2015, Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Prevention and Treatment of Any Cancerous Condition."

To learn more about the work, research, findings and publications of Prof/Dr. Robert O. Young go to his website at:

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