WOMEN! Drinking Coffee Will Shrink Your Breasts, Brain and Bones!  MEN! Drinking Coffee Will Shrink

WOMEN! Drinking Coffee Will Shrink Your Breasts and Bones!

MEN! Drinking Coffee Will Shrink Your Genitals and GIVE YOU 'Man Boobs


Swedish researchers at Lund University have found a clear link between the amount of acid coffee a woman drinks and the size of her breasts. Amazingly, drinking three or more cups of coffee each day can cause a woman’s breasts to shrink!

That's not all it can shrink," states Dr. Robert O. Young, a research scientist at the pH Miracle Living Center. "Drinking coffee can shrink you brain, your bones, your muscles and your reproductive organs," states Dr. Young.

“Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size,” said Dr. Helena Jernstrom, an oncologist, but said women’s breasts won’t shrink quickly. “Coffee-drinking women do not have to worry their breasts will shrink to nothing overnight,” she told the Daily Star. “They will get smaller but the breasts aren’t just going to disappear.” She began looking for a link and found a gene in half of all women that relates to coffee intake and breast size. The researchers also studied almost 300 women, quizzing them about their coffee intake and their bust measurements.

In an interesting twist, although the acid coffee was found to shrink women’s breasts, the study found that Java Joes—guys who keep their acidic coffee cups close at hand—could become victims of gynecomastia and find their “man boobs” getting larger and genitals getting smaller. "For men, "man boobs" and shrinking genitals is the result of an acidic lifestyle and diet. If you want to prevent "man boobs" and shrinking genitals then begin an alkaline lifestyle and diet," states Dr. Young.

To learn more about the alkaline lifestyle and diet read, The pH Miracle revised and updated - www.phoreveryoung.com

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