Nutritional and Health Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

Since ages, tea has been associated with a lot of medicinal benefits. In fact, very few things are as refreshing or energizing than having a cup of tea. While this drink is available in various brews and flavors all across the world, one variety that rules the heart of many is lemon and ginger tea.

For more than 2000 years, lemon and ginger are a part of medicinal practices. They’re basically used for preventing and treating countless health issues. Besides boosting energy circulation in your body, it enhances the body’s metabolic rate. Both ginger and lemon are popular inclusions in energy drinks, and that too with good reasons. Instead of buying these sugar loaded drinks, consider consuming them the natural way.

Why don’t you try out lemon ginger tea? Since both these ingredients are easily available in the market, the whole process is easy as well as cost-effective. Ginger has worked as a natural source of remedy for several diseases. What’s more, it has loads of health restorative effects as well. According to modern researchers, ginger is capable of treating a range of serious health conditions like migraines (1) and cancer. When consumed as ginger lemon tea, it has an unbelievably calming effect on your senses. Plus the ginger lemon tea recipe is a piece of cake!

Lemon Ginger Tea – Health Benefits:

1. Say Goodbye To Diabetes:

According to a recent study, lemon ginger tea helps in lowering the dangerous effects of diabetes (2). The deadly effects of diabetes are countless and include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and retinopathy or eye disease. Since this variety of tea is laden with antioxidants, you can avoid these harmful effects to a great extent.

2. Relief from indigestion:

When ginger and lemon are used in tea, they work magically to lower the chances of indigestion (3) or heartburn.

3. Soothes pain, menstrual cramps, headache and inflammation:

Due to the anti-inflammatory characteristic of ginger tea, it has a healing effect on different kinds of pain. It puts a stop to prostaglandins that give rise to swelling and pain in the blood veins (4).

4. Prevents nausea, cold and flu:

Natural lemon and ginger tea is an instant cure for vomiting and motion sickness. It also works as a natural remedy for cases of flu and cold (5).

5. Ovarian cyst treatment:

For those suffering from ovarian cancer or running the risks of cancer, ginger has proved to be highly effective (6). Several researches have shown that it stops or lessens the chances of cell death in your body.

Lemon Ginger Tea – Skin Benefits:

6. Smooth and flawless skin:

Lemon and ginger tea has been used since ages to stop or cure several health disorders. Believe it or not, they have countless medicinal benefits. One main reason behind this is its high vitamin content. So, consider replacing your beverage or health supplement capsules with a delicious cup of lemon ginger tea.

Since its rich in antioxidants (7) and Vitamin C, it helps improve your digestion and clears the skin. Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, you’re able to enjoy a problem-free skin.

Lemon Ginger Tea – Hair Benefits:

7. Strong and beautiful hair:

For a lot of people, hair problem is an indispensable fact of life. Whether it’s an itchy scalp, hair loss or a receding hairline, effects are mostly psychological; sometimes even leading you to the edge of depression. So, take the preventative steps before it’s too late. Instead of using all the cosmetics and chemical products, consider choosing the natural way.

For people suffering from hair problems, doctors often recommend diets rich in vitamins, such as A and C. They help combat the production of DHT in your scalp, which in turn stimulates hair growth. Since ginger lemon tea is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, you’ll be able to tackle your hair problems easily and naturally.

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