Drink iJuice Green Juices for a Happy New Year - 2017!

Fresh green iJuice Health & Fitness juices will provide YOU with chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and much more. iJuice green juices such as iJuice Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Broccoli Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, Cucumber, Chlorophyl, and Okra provide you with the chlorophyll needed for building healthy blood and then body cells with other essential nutrients of water, mineral salts and oils. The nutritional essence of plants is best derived from their juice. Sunlight infuses all life which is held in the chlorophyll molecule; plants are the storehouses of nature’s captured and distributed sunlight. Drinking green iJuice juices is like drinking liquid green sunshine!

Fresh iJuice Wheatgrass juice from wheat, or iJuice Alfalfa, or iJuice Barley grass, is nature’s finest alkalizing natural medicine. It is our signature elixir here at the pH Miracle Living Center. A 128 ounces of organic green grasses, fruit and vegetable juice has the nutritional equivalent of 25 pounds of the best raw grasses, fruit and vegetables! It is both a concentrated liquid blood builder, nutrient and a powerful detoxifier. I recommend a 128 ounces of fresh green organic iJuice grass, fruit and vegetable juice everyday.

Liquid iJuice green juice feasting is the best remedy for supporting the body’s elimination organs when it is trying to eliminate metabolic and dietary acids in the conditions called colds and flu’s. The iJuice green juices supply nutrients and remove the burden of non-soluble fiber which saves energy that can then be used to heal the body.

iJuice green organic juices can flush acidic metabolic, dietary, respiratory and environmental toxins from the body and are good for losing acidic weight, supporting the heart, circulation and overall well-being. iJuice green organic juices contain no saturated fats or pesticides and can be helpful in lowering your cholesterol. Why? Because it lowers your over-all body acidity. Drink organic green iJuice juices within fifteen minutes after it has been mixed in alkaline water to obtain all of its multifaceted alkaline nutritional benefits. iJuice green organic juices can also be made into smoothies by adding an avocado for thickening.

Here are more reasons to drink 128 ounces (bases upon a body weight of 70 k or 154 lbs.) of iJuice green organic iJuice Wheat grass, iJuice Barley grass, iJuice Chlorophyll, iJuice Broccoli Sprouts, iJuice Alfalfa Sprouts, iJuice Avocado, iJuice Okra, and iJuice Baby Spinach everyday in 2017:

Building healthy red blood cells

Increasing red blood cell counts

Increasing hematocrit

Increasing hemoglobin

Lower and normalizing white blood cell count

Reducing C-reactive proteins

Reducing homocysteine

Lower LDL cholesterol

Lower triglycerides

Increase sedimentation rate

Increase blood plasma sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium

Lowering PSA

Lowering CA 15, 19, 27 and 29

Lowering uric and lactic acid

Elininating metabolic acidosis

Balance hormones

Improve skin quality

Eliminate wrinkles, spots and blemishes

Cleansing your body of toxins

Supporting the white blood cells

Increased energy Increased strength

Clearing your mind by cleansing the bowels



Lose weight and fatty deposits

Beautiful skin, bright eyes, and shiny hair

Experience overall improved health, increased energy and clear thinking

Easy to digest

Glowing complexion

Stronger bones

An excellent vehicle for fasting

Building and maintenance of the electrolyte, kidney and respiratory systems

Flushing the liver and kidneys

Increased stem cell production in the gut

So start this NEW YEAR off right and toast with 128 ounces of nutrient alkaline rich fresh iJuice green organic juices!

To purchase iJuice green juices go to: www.ijuicenow.com

2017 and your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

#Greenjuices #Cnlorophyll

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