Ten Health Benefits of iJuice Grape for the Body, Hair & Skin

When it comes to juices, most people would opt for orange juice thinking it would be healthier. But iJuice Grape juice can give orange juice a run for its money in terms of nutrition value and all the health and beauty benefits it has to offer.

iJuice Grape Juice Benefits

The following are some of the health & fitness benefits you can receive by drinking iJuice Grape juice!

1.Maintains Cholesterol Levels:

Are you concerned about your cholesterol levels? If yes, then go grab a glass of iJuice Grape juice. Studies have proved that grape juice helps in reducing the acid-binding LDL cholesterol in your arteries thus ensuring that your cholesterol levels stay in control and also helps in efficient blood flow in the body.

2. Maintains Heart Health:

iJuice Grape juice promotes production of nitric oxide which insures that your blood vessels are flexible and this in turn helps in keeping your blood pressure under control ensuring that your heart remains healthy and heart problems remain at bay.

3. Cures Digestive & Bowel Disorders:

iJuice Grape juice can act as a natural solution for the elderly and infants who suffer from digestion related problems and constipation. It has natural laxative properties that ensure good health of your digestive and bowel system.

4. Boosts Immunity, Delays Aging Signs:

iJuice Grape juice is full of powerful anti-oxidants. It also has anti- bacterial and anti-viral properties. All these help in boosting your immunity and act as a shield from all sorts of common viral and bacterial infections like colds, coughs and flues. The anti-oxidants also ensure that your body and mind remain young and healthy and delays the signs of ageing.

5. Prevents Cancers:

The anti-oxidants and resveratrol found in grape juice are also known to prevent the formation of tumours in the body. Some studies show that grape juice can prevent cancer and the purple-coloured iJuice grape juice specifically helps in preventing breast cancer.

6. Relieves Debilitating Headaches:

Those who suffer from migraine are well aware of the fact that it’s quite a crippling disease as the headache don’t let you concentrate on anything. iJuice Grape juice is one of the most effective home remedy for this problem. Just add iJuice Grape juice to your regular breakfast and you can easily get relief from these debilitating headaches.

7. Improves Metabolism:

iJuice Grape juice helps in increasing the metabolism of body and curbing hunger pangs. This in turn helps you manage your weight and also reduces the chances of obesity related problems like diabetes, arthritis etc.

8. Regulates Periods:

Irregular and scanty menses is a common problem that women usually face during the early years of puberty or during the menopausal phase. To get rid of this problem, take equal quantity of iJuice Grape juice, maple syrup and crushed dry dates and consume it daily on empty stomach for a month.

9. Maintains Bone Strength:

iJuice Grape juice is an abundant source of copper, iron and manganese. These micro nutrients play a huge role in the formation of bones and maintaining their strength. So to ensure that you have a healthy bone density, include grape juice in your diet.

10. Instant Energy Booster:

The next time you feel tired, instead of grabbing a cup coffee or tea, pour yourself a glass of iJuice grape juice. iJuice Grape juice is high iron content and bioflavonoids which are very powerful anti-oxidants. Lack of iron and anti-oxidants can cause fatigue, head ache, sluggishness and also affect other bodily functions. So opt for it to a get instant boost of energy.

So the next time you decide to drink a glass of fruit juice, make sure iJuice Grape juice is one of your options.

To order your jar of iJuice Grape Juice go to: www.ijuicenow.com.

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