iJuice "Pine Needle Power"

"Pine Needle Power" well documented in history

In 1535, The French Explorer Jaques Cartier's ship was stranded in the St Lawrence River in winter and his men began to die from Scurvy (a common, but deadlier than cancer disease often caught by seamen). A friendly Native American healed them by simply preparing a tea made from tree bark and needles from the White Pine Tree.

Cartier wrote to his superiors about the experience and was ridiculed for participating in magic and witchcraft. It wasn't until 1932, a full 400 years later, that scurvy was officially recognized as vitamin C deficiency, although after millions of lives were estimated to be lost, and in spite of the cure having already been discovered and written down. Check out the iJuice Red Pine needle oil at www.ijuicenow.com and feel the difference when you start using red pine needle oil.

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