iJuice Wheat Grass Health & Fitness organic

1 gram of organic iJuice Wheatgrass Juice Powder Add 2 ounces of alkaline water Stir gently Drink

Two ounces of fresh organic wheatgrass juice made in less than ten seconds!

Cost: 15 cents per ounce or 30 cents for 2 ounce shot of organic wheatgrass juice!

Savings $3.70

Benefits: organic, non-GMO, no pesticides, no arsenic, no lead, no copper, no cadmium, no bacteria, no mold, no yeast, no gluten, no sugar, no after-taste, water-soluble, convenient, no-mess, no-clean-up, easy to make and a guaranteed great taste that you will LOVE or your money back!

iJuice Wheatgrass Health & Fitness Juice has 227 servings per container for 30 cents per serving. www.ijuicenow.com

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