iJuice Antioxidant Blend

iJuice Coconut, iJuice Almond, iJuice Turmeric, iJuice Ginger and iJuice Lemon!

3 grams of iJuice Coconut

3 grams of iJuice Almond

3 gram of iJuice Turmeric

1 gram of iJuice Ginger

1 gram of iJuice Lemon

1 gram of cayenne or black pepper

Add 8 to 12 ounces of alkaline water

Stir gently to blend the alkaline water with the water-soluable iJuice powders

8 to 12 ounces of iJuice anti-oxidant blend made in less than 10 seconds!

Cost: $3.60 for 12 ounces of organic juice of almond, coconut, turmeric and ginger!

Savings: $12.60

Benefits: organic, non-GMO, no pesticides, no arsenic, no lead, no copper, no cadmium, no bacteria, no mold, no yeast, no gluten, no sugar, no after-taste, water-soluble, convenient, no-mess, no-clean-up, easy to make and a guaranteed great taste that you will LOVE or your money back!

iJuice Turmeric, iJuice Ginger, iJuice Lemon, iJuice Coconut, and iJuice Almond contain 227 servings per container for 30 cents per serving. www.ijuicenow.com

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