Juice of two to three english cucumbers (no pulp) 1-2 cups fresh silky almond milk (recipe in Back to the House of Health 2)

Water of one (or two) Young Thai Coconuts (drain water out of coconut, water should be clear and sweet, eat the meat of the coconut later)

1TB of fresh Dill cut in small individual grass-like pieces so when it's added to soup, it floats on top and looks like grass shavings

Sprinkle of dehydrated red bell pepper powder over the top (optional and made beforehand)

This is a new silky RAW recipe that I developed for people while they are on the cleanse (liquid feast) and it will also become your favorite soup to sip on even after the cleanse. Great and refreshing around the pool on a hot day. The fresh cut dill floating on the top of this georgeous pastel green soup gives it the appearance of grass shavings, hence the name GRASSOUP! Sprinkle dehydrated red bell pepper powder across the top for an instant splash of warm color and an extra sweet pazaaz! Mmmmm I could drink this EVERY day! For dehydrated red bell pepper powder , simply place sliced pieces of red bell pepper in dehydrater (about 1 /4 inch thick) and dry until snap crisp (about 24 hours) Then place in Vitamix and grind to a fine powder. Keep in a tupperware or air tight container.. great for a garnishing tool, to add color and sweet flavor over soups, wraps, or salads. YUM! I even eat this by the spoonful for a treat! Serve and drink immediately.. Heavenly!!! Adjust each ingredient to your taste. if you want a less creamy soup, less almond milk. if you want more of a sweet soup, add more coconut water and red bell pepper powder, experiment.

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