Fresh Silky Almond Juice

4 cups of fresh raw Almonds

Pure Water Nylon Stocking (for straining)

Soak 4 cups of fresh raw almonds over night in a bowl of water. In the morning drain the almonds and fill your blender with the almonds about a third full, (or two cups), then add pure water to fill the blender up. Blend on high speed until you have a white creamy looking milk. Take a nylon stocking, ( I use a washed white knee high nylon stocking) and pour the mixture through it over a bowl or pan, and let it drain. Squeeze with your hand to get the last of the milk through the nylon. (The meal and skins left in the stocking can be used in the shower for a great body scrub) You will have approximately one quart of silky raw beautiful almond milk left ready to use for soups, shakes or puddings. Thin to desired consistency with water. This almonds milk will keep fresh for about three days in the refrigerator.

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