Recipe for Extra Energy

Finally, a juice made from iJuice Now cucumber, tumeric, ginger and lemon that contributes to minimizing the presence of metabolic and/or dietary acid that causes inflammation leading to a heart or cancerous condition. Ginger is listed as one of the most anti-acidic foods that exist, so I highly recommend its use. Moreover, this is a drink that provides energy to the body, while having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing/calming properties. Why? Because it is a powerful anti-acid of dietary, respiratory, environmental and metabolic acids.


1 to 2 cucumber, liberal amounts of turmeric, some ginger and lemon or lime with sea salt to taste.

iJuice Now Preparation

Mix 3 scoops of iJuice Now cucumber first, then add turmeric, 1 scoop of iJuice Now ginger, 10 leaves of mint with 1 scoop of iJuice Now lemon and/or lime to taste.

The effectiveness of these juices lies in the concentrations of anti-acids or antioxidants that buffer acids and alkalizes the blood and then interstitial fluids that surround the cells preventing and/or reversing inflammation that leads to a heart or cancerous condition. Several studies have been conducted on the issue of heart and cancer dis-ease and how to prevent or treat these conditions, and have yielded positive results that an alkaline pH in interstitial fluids preclude the development of acidic or unhealthy body cells.

Therefore, if you want to prevent and/or reverse a health challenge start focusing on the fluids of the body and the cells that make up your tissues, organs and glands.

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