Five Alkaline iJuice Recipes that will Prevent Inflammation

Heart disease and cancer are currently categorized as the top two health conditions that have claimed most lives in the world. 95% of heart disease and cancer is a result of what one eats, drinks and thinks. Only 5% of all heart attacks, strokes or cancers are genetic. In fact, that 5% is triggered by what one is eating, drinking and thinking. Therefore, 100% of all sickness and disease is a consequence of what you eat, what you drink and what you think. You decide your own health, energy and vitality or your sickness and disease with your thoughts, your words and your deeds.

The presence of unhealthy or cancerous cells in your body is NOT permanent because it depends on you, your lifestyle and dietary habits that determines whether or not a healthy cell becomes inflamed, degenerative and cancerous. The health of your body cells that make up all your tissues, organs and glands is determined by the environment they reside. Therefore the human body cell is only as healthy as its alkaline environment. Bottomline, you are alkaline by design and acidic by function. Breathing, thinking, eating, drinking and moving all produce acidic waste products if NOT eliminated via the four channels of elimination will buildup and damage healthy body cells causing them to become unhealthy or cancerous body cells. You see, inflammation is caused by acidity and inflammation is the spark that ignites all human sickness and disease, including a heart or cancerous condition.

It is important to recognize that preventing and reversing a heart or cancerous condition can only happen when you are willing to embrace an alkaline lifestyle and diet. To help you on your journey for extraordinary health and vitality free from all sickness and disease, including heart disease and cancer, I want to share with you a list of alkalizing iJuices that will support you on this journey!

iJuice Cucumber, parsley, kale and spinach

To prevent the onset of an acidic condition juicing and/or eating sliced cucumbers with sea salt, parsley, kale and spinach is recommended. These ingredients perform various inputs of nutrients to the body, such as vitamin A, B and E and various minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Ingredients for Juicing

1) The iJuice Now Cucumber

Cucumber ½ pound (225 g), 2 glasses of alkaline water (400 ml), a bunch of Parsley, and a handful of Spinach. Juice half or a lime or lemon for for taste.

iJuice NOW Preparation

Mix 3 scoops of iJuice Cucumber, 1 scoop of iJuice Spinach, 1 scoop of iJuice Parsley and 1 scoop of iJuice Lemon.

2) The iJuice Now Cabbage

Cabbage is an alkalizing vegetable that provides many alkalizing nutrients, including magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. It is therefore highly recommended as a key ingredient to the prevention and/or reversing a cancerous condition and its effects on human health.

Ingredients 3 or 4 leaves of cabbage ½ liter of alkaline water Cucumber juice (optional) Broccoli (optional)

iJuice NOW Preparation

Mix 3 scoops of iJuice Now cabbage in a glass of purified alkaline water. If you want to minimize the CABBAGE taste you can add 1 scoop of iJuice lemon, iJuice lime and/or iJuice cucumber. You can also add iJuice broccoli sprout for increased antioxidants in buffering dietary and/or metabolic acids.

3) The iJuice NOW Green Vegetables

As mentioned above, cabbage is a beneficial food in the prevention and/or reversal of a cancerous condition. Add other ingredients that will provide the body with alkaline nutritional properties that will buffer the acids that cause cells to become inflamed and then cancerous.


2 or 3 leaves of green cabbage, 1 handful of spinach. 1 cucumber, broccoli to taste, lemon and/or lime to taste.

iJuice NOW Preparation

You can mix 1 scoop iJuice Now Wheat Grass, iJuice Now Barley Grass, iJuice Now Cabbage with 1 scoop of iJuice Now avocado. Unprocessed natural sea salt can be added to taste.

Note: Juice fasting, to make better use of their properties is recommended.

4) The iJuice NOW Tomato

Juice is also recognized as an effective way to prevent inflammation, heart disease or a cancerous condition. Tomato has a broad antioxidant or anti-acid phytonutrient called lycopene, which has been shown through various studies to be a substance that prevents cellular transformation or spoiling and rotting of body cells.

Ingredients 5 chopped tomatoes 1 stalk celery 1 cucumber Cayenne pepper and sea salt (in small amounts) Basil (optional)

iJuice NOW Preparation

Mix 3 scoops of iJuice Now Tomato with 1 scoop of iJuice Now Celery and iJuice Now cucumber. Add cayenne pepper, sea salt and basil for flavor.

5) The iJuice Now Cucumber, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon and Salt

Finally, a juice made from iJuice Now cucumber, tumeric, ginger and lemon that contributes to minimizing the presence of metabolic and/or dietary acid that causes inflammation leading to a heart or cancerous condition. Ginger is listed as one of the most anti-acidic foods that exist, so I highly recommend its use. Moreover, this is a drink that provides energy to the body, while having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing/calming properties. Why? Because it is a powerful anti-acid of dietary, respiratory, environmental and metabolic acids.


1 to 2 cucumber, liberal amounts of turmeric, some ginger and lemon or lime with sea salt to taste.

iJuice Now Preparation

Mix 3 scoops of iJuice Now cucumber first, then add turmeric, 1 scoop of iJuice Now ginger, 10 leaves of mint with 1 scoop of iJuice Now lemon and/or lime to taste.

The effectiveness of these juices lies in the concentrations of anti-acids or antioxidants that buffer acids and alkalizes the blood and then interstitial fluids that surround the cells preventing and/or reversing inflammation that leads to a heart or cancerous condition. Several studies have been conducted on the issue of heart and cancer dis-ease and how to prevent or treat these conditions, and have yielded positive results that an alkaline pH in interstitial fluids preclude the development of acidic or unhealthy body cells.

Therefore, if you want to prevent and/or reverse a health challenge start focusing on the fluids of the body and the cells that make up your tissues, organs and glands.

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