iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle - 

Portable Reduced Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer Bottle


Product Specifications:


Battery capacity: 1000mAH 


Capacity: 500ml 


Main features:

  • iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle uses Eastman tritan material                                            
  • iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle is anti againg, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to breakage and easy to clean      
  • iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle does not contain plasticizers                                                                    
  • iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle uses Titanium and platinum electrolytic plates for high efficiency electrolysis and long operating life                              
  • iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle produces reduced hydrogen (H-) content at 800 parts per billion or 0.8 parts per million, with a negative oxidative reduction potential of up to -555mV.                                      
  • iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle uses rechargeable lithium batteries for long battery life


Drinking Volume: 1.5 – 2L per day
Water temperature: At room temperature 15-20 0C
Drinking program: 6-8 times a day with a glass of 150-200ml at a time.


The iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Generator is the latest invention to provide strong antioxidant reduced hydrogen-rich water.


• Generate dissolved reduced hydrogen in just 5 minutes
• No water filters to change
• Removes free radicals fast to keep you healthy and strong
• Feel energized with increased hydration


Powerful Antioxidant Water For Boosting Your Immune System and Cellular Protection.


Characteristics of the iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle:


•  Standby current: 2mA                                                           

•  Working voltage: DC-5V                                                      

•  Electrolysis or ionizing process produces hydrogen bubbles and light                       

•  Electrolysis or ionizing process is without noise                                      

• After electrolysis or ionizing process the iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle automatically shuts off


Key Health Benefits 


• Removes harmful acidic waste from your body
• Improves cellular health and protection
• Enhances better nutrient absorption in the body
• Provided better hydration for your body
• Increases blood circulation
• Helps to lower saturated fat levels
• Reduces aging to skin
• Improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility
• Reduces constipation problems
• Aids in lowering cholesterol levels
• Detoxifies your body of metabolic and dietary waste
• Provides faster recovery from physical workout
• Improves quality of life.

iJuice Reduced Hydrogen Water Bottle