The cleansing effect of activated iJuice Red Pine Needle Oil combined with Haas Avocado Oil is one of the few cleansers capable of penetrating the blood brain barrier, thus helping to rid the brain of heavy metals, toxins, parasite wastes and rancid fatty lipids. Also, bringing this cleansing action to the rest of the body, one may find improvements in health and well-being high that accompanies the use of these oils on a daily basis.


It is recommended that one go slowly with this formulation as it can promote a cleansing reaction. After two weeks at ten (10) drops three (3) times a day many people experience a cleansing flush from their intestinal track. This is the cleansing promotion of the Red Pine Needle Oil, that helps rid the body of rancid fats (taken in from eating animal flesh, burnt or rancid oils), and even parasitical wastes.


Taken once per day for the first few weeks, it allows the body to become acclimated and for the initial detox to occur. After that, twice per day dosage is recommended. One can gradually increase their dosage slowly over weeks to increase the depth of detoxification. 


iJuice Red Pine Needle Oil 2oz bottle

  • * 2 ounce bottle has 1400 drops.  Maximimum dosage is 20 drops 3 times a day.  

    Minimum or maintenance dosage is 10 drops three times a day.