iJuice Frankincense Essential Oil


About Frankincense Essential Oil

  • extracted from the gum or resin from Frankincense or Olibanum trees (Boswellia Carter)

  • main components: Alpha Pinene, Actanol, Bornyl Acetate, Linalool, Octyl Acetate, Incensole, and Incensyl Acetate.

  • popular ingredient in cosmetics and incense burners for centuries.

  • closely associated with religious traditions and rites, particularly Christianity.


Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

Cosmetic, fragrance, and medicinal uses.


Health Properties of Frankincense Essential Oil

antiseptic, disinfectant, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, sedative, tonic, uterine and vulnerary substance.


Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

  • Tonic: tones and boosts overall health, including strengthened immunity, absorption of nutrients, as well as optimizing respiratory, digestive, nervous, and excretory systems.Antiseptic: Enhances immune function; eliminates airborne germs; protects wounds from infection, and prevents oral issues (e.g. halitosis, tooth decay, mouth sores, etc.).

  • Astringent: strengthens gums and hair roots (i.e. protection from premature hair and tooth loss); tones and lifts skin (e.g. reduces appearance of wrinkles); contracts muscles, intestines, and blood vessels (i.e. help prevent loss of firmness with age).

  • Emmenagogue: helps provide healthy menstruation and delays menopause.

  • Carminative: eliminates gas; prevents bloating, abdominal pain, and indigestion.  

  • Cicatrisant: aids in the fading of scars from boils, acne, and other skin blemishes.

  • Digestive: facilitates digestion without any known side effects.

  • Cytophylactic: promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells healthy (i.e. anti-aging capability); tones and tightens skin to help eliminate sun spots, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes.

  • Diuretic: provides a natural and safe alternative (i.e. no know side effects)  for promoting urination, weight loss, and detoxification.

  • Sedative: promotes deep breathing and relaxation; lowers blood pressure; induces feelings of metal calmness; awakens insight; lowers anxiety, anger, and stress.

  • Uterine: regulates production of estrogen; reduces chances of uterine tumor and cyst growth; regulates proper menstrual cycles.

  • Vulnerary: dilute for internal use or blend to skin creams to promote enhanced wound healing and protection from infection.

  • Other benefits: pain relief associated with rheumatism and arthritis; soothes coughs, eliminates phlegm, and decreases respiratory congestion; eases body pain (e.g. headaches, toothaches); naturally balances rises in body temperature associated with illness; helps heal wounds, circulatory problems, insomnia, and inflammation.

iJuice Frankincense Oil - 2 Ounces