Organic Instant Quinoa, Organic Apple Juice, Organic Banana Juice.


Vegan friendly


Certified Organic

NO Cholesterol

NO Preservatives 

Non-BPA packaging      

NO Added Sugars 


NO  Gluten

NO  Soy

NO  Lactose




1) Pour the desired amount of iJuice Baby cereal into bowl.

2) Add breast milk, alkaline water, iJuice Coconut, or iJuice Almond and mix with cereal.

3) Mix until it’s the right consistency and temperature.


Feed your infant right away and throw away leftovers.


Quick Tip:


For even more flavor, simply add mashed fruit (like banana or avocdo) or fresh juice, to iJuice Baby Cereal

iJuice Baby Quinoa Apple Banana Cereal